Our company benefits from longlife experience in administration and maintenance of commercial and industrial real estate as well as real estate for storage purposes. Our clients enjoy quality integral property management services, ensuring prolonged preservation of their real estate. All of our work adheres to standard EVS 807:2010 of the Republic of Estonia.


Property management
Property management constitutes an administrative service, resulting in continued systematization of real estate maintenance related information, and rendition on the basis of such information of competent decisions concerning the maintained object.

Integrated management service
The integrated management service constitutes performance of facilities’ maintenance and preservation services within the framework of the entire property management standard. Applying the integrated management service, the parties involved agree on a fixed set of rules, acting in mutual trust within the framework of their respective professional activity and competence. The integrated management service agreement encompasses the entire management service package – that, if required, on a wider scale than prescribed by professional standards. Property owners using the service can rest assured that their real estate as a whole, buildings, and facilities are in good hands, and services are undertaken as prudently and economically as possible. Liability and trust inherent to our service are also reflected in periodically filed reports on and overviews of the management service provider’s activity.

Arranging technical maintenance
Technical maintenance consists in measures and work undertaken, using tools authorized and allocated by the owner, to physically preserve buildings that are parts of the property, and ensure that the condition of such building, individual parts thereof, and technical systems adheres to prescribed requirements. Technical equipment on the property and in related buildings and facilities ensures desired conditions on the property and related areas, and guarantees required services such as intermediation of air, water, heat, energy, light, information etc., as well as security and transportation services. A number of technical systems in storage and production buildings are distinctive in nature, sometimes even unique. Such systems are rarely encountered in residential and public buildings.

Arranging maintenance
Ordering a maintenance arrangement service, the property owner benefits from outdoor and/or indoor upkeep of the building, agreed cleanliness level and cleaning frequency.

Additional services
Other services rendered to property owners include:
• Advisory services
• Assistance in finding service providers in a variety of fields
• Assistance in organizing competitions
• Assistance in organizing and performance of renovations
• Procurement of expendable materials as required (sanitary products, office and cleaning supplies etc.)

Our client base includes
• Storage and office buildings
• Production buildings
• Industrial areas and real estate
• We render property maintenance and upkeep services to HOAs.


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